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The Enjoy Cycling Blog created by me and for my love of cycling in this great country.  My love of cycling stems back to when I had my first Raleigh bike when I was a child, little did I know that was the first in a long line of cycles I was to own over my lifetime.  Back then I used to Enjoy Cycling around the Northumberland countryside through fields and rolling hills without having to dodge traffic like my current routes involve.  The carefree cycling in Northumberland is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of my morning commute up Wilmslow Road and Oxford road in Manchester.

The Enjoy Cycling blog brings you cycling news and my thoughts on my daily cycle in to work.  I also aim to bring you the best deals and discounts from the top cycle shops in the UK.  These deals are updated from time to time and also shared across Twitter, Google Plus and our Facebook Page

Ports of Tay Cycle Route

During a family break in Fife staying in Strathkinness which is a small village on a hill near St Andrews, I was lucky enough to cycle the Ports of Tay Cycle Route. The Ports of Tay Cycle Route took me from St Andrews through Leuchars and on to Tentsmuir Forest before tackling the Tay Bridge and on to the city of Dundee.



Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre Review

After a few months commuting on my Cannondale Caadx the standard Sammy Slick tyres are starting to fail so I have turned to the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre. A decision I have not taken lightly, the mean streets of Manchester are a wash glass and other puncture risks and I was in need of a tyre to help prevent flats. There are many tyres on the market that claim to offer good puncture resistance but the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre seems to be number one. My research was based around other reviews where overall the general consensus is that they are a very good tyre, especially for commuting. I don’t disagree, after 4 weeks of use I have found them solid and dependable, I have even cycled through broken bottles (not intentionally) on a couple of occasion and the tyre coped without fault.

I have used them both on road and off-road and they seem to offer good grip in the wet, mud and dry. Contrary to other reviews they were easy to fit, some report on it being hard to prise the tyre bead over the rim but I had no problems. The look of the tyre is good, a white reflective sidewall offers a nice touch combined with a profound grip pattern.

Bought on a price match from Evans Cycles at £21 each I think I got a very good deal.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre certainly has some good points but I am not totally convinced by the tyre. The major problem is that I feel that the bike has lost all speed; the weight of the tyre seems to have slowed down my pace by a huge margin. Previous reviews did point this out but nothing has prepared me for the reality. The bike now feels sluggish and no longer a joy to ride.

The drop in speed is a price to pay for a good, well made puncture proof tyre, if you don’t want to go anywhere in a hurry and don’t want punctures then this is tyre for you. If you’re looking for speed and a responsive road tyre then avoid the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre.


Shimano M520 Pedals Review

I have just purchased a pair of Shimano M520 Pedals to replace the stock pedals on my new hack and aftrer 4 months of use I have to say that I am dissapointed.  The drive side pedal has developed a creak which is both annoying and dissapointing.

I have no further to say on the matter!