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The Enjoy Cycling Blog created by me and for my love of cycling in this great country.  My love of cycling stems back to when I had my first Raleigh bike when I was a child, little did I know that was the first in a long line of cycles I was to own over my lifetime.  Back then I used to Enjoy Cycling around the Northumberland countryside through fields and rolling hills without having to dodge traffic like my current routes involve.  The carefree cycling in Northumberland is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of my morning commute up Wilmslow Road and Oxford road in Manchester.

The Enjoy Cycling blog brings you cycling news and my thoughts on my daily cycle in to work.  I also aim to bring you the best deals and discounts from the top cycle shops in the UK.  These deals are updated from time to time and also shared across Twitter, Google Plus and our Facebook Page

Shimano M520 Pedals Review

I have just purchased a pair of Shimano M520 Pedals to replace the stock pedals on my new hack.  Stay tunned for the review that will come later.


Cannondale Caadx Tiagra Review

After sampling the delights of the fantastic Cannondale Caadx Tiagra, read the Enjoy Cycling review of how it coped with the mean streets and trails of Manchester.  After researching the bike across many forums and cycling websites I decided to take the plunge and hang up my old Specialized Secteur.  The Spesh is not up to the daily commute and over the near 4 years of ownership I have replaced most parts and after my other local bike shop stripped the threads out of my bottom bracket, its now time to look elsewhere.

After alot of researching I decided on the Cannondale Caadx Tiagra, at a retail price of £899 I managed to get a price match from my local bike store with a website/shop based in Newcastle.  I purchased the bike for £599 which in my eyes is a bargain.

After a week of use I have to say that I am impressed, a good, solid and fast commuter that offers so much fun in the evening and weekend.  I am no cyclocross rider and will never attempt the sport but I have to say that this style of bike suits me down to the ground, or well part of me.

So far so good, I will update this post in a few weeks after I have tested it on a range of rides.

Caadx Review After 2 Weeks in the Saddle

I have been riding the Caadx Tiagra now for 2 weeks and I have covered around 100 miles to and from work as well as a few short local rides in South Manchester.  I have to admit that the Caadx is a joy to ride and is ideal for any cycle commuter due to its build quality and its ability to handle potholes and the uneven road surface Manchester offers.  The bike is fast, comfortable and a marked improvement on my old Specialized.

If I had to pick the worst points of the bike it would have to be the fact that the right side Tiagra shifter has started to stick which has resulted in me cycling to and from work on the small rear sprocket.  This has been fixed by spraying lubricant in to the shifter which seems to have freed up the mechanism.

As the bike has not been in for its first service I will be pointing this out when I do.

In summery, the Caadx Tiagra is a great bike, a comfortable, fast work horse that is a joy to ride.