Chain Whip from Decathlon Sports

I had been using a chainwhip that came as part of my X Tools 18 Piece Tool Kit andI have beens truggling. The traditional chain whip that used a chain to hold the rear cassette is often tricky to use and in my experience it can be a danger to your knuckles. The X Tools Chain whip often slipped and did not get enough grip which has caused me endless grazes. The final straw was when I had bought a new wheelset for my 2013 Specialized Secteur and needed to remove and refit the rear cassette on the new wheel.

After trying again and again the poor quality chain whip from X Tools snapped and that was the end of that. I spent some time looking for a replacement and came across the Chain Whip – Cassette Remover available from Decathlon Sports for £11.99. After returning home with my purchase I was immediately impresses at the fast the rear cassette was removed in seconds with this tool. No fear of grazed knuckles as the process is so simple and effective.

This is a heavy tool that you can put your weight behind and has enough leverage to remove the most stubborn rear cassette with ease. Used in conjunction with my cassette removal socket that came part of my X Tools kit the removal was painless and satisfying.

I was able to clean and then refit the cassette on the new rear wheel with ease and my bike was back on the road in minutes.

I have to say that this is the best chain whip on the market and I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone, and don’t just take my word for it. The review by names it the “The simplest and most effective chain whip I’ve ever used” so it’s a tool that you can trust.

Buy here from Decathlon Sports