Cycle Theft in Manchester

Cycle Theft in Manchester

With more and more people choosing to cycle in Manchester, opportunities for theft of bicycles is increasing. In order to help prevent the rise of cycle theft in Manchester you must keep that cycle safe.

Manchester is like any town or city, put leave anything for five minutes and it will grow legs and disappear off in to the sunset. Cycles are no exception with thousands stolen every year. As a keen cyclist I hear many stories where a cycle was left outside a shop, only to come back and find it has gone. With this in mind it is becoming more important to protect your belongings including your cycle.

There are, however ways you can reduce the chances of your bike being stolen:

  • Make a record of the cycles frame number and keep it in a safe place.
  • Take a picture of the cycle and keep it in a safe place.
  • Use an ultraviolet marker to mark the frame of the cycle.
  • Never ever leave your cycle unlocked, not even when you can see it from where you are.
  • Use a good quality D-lock. A poor quality lock at the lower end of the market can be easily sawn through or bolt cropped in seconds.
  • Always lock your cycle to something immovable or at least as strong as the lock.
  • Make it as difficult as possible to attack the lock with tools (ie turn lock face flush to a wall), and try not to leave room for the jaws of a bolt cropper to operate.
  • If possible, lock the cycle with its wheels off the ground. Any action to remove a lock will be that much harder as the cycle will bounce.
  • Unless you take part in regular racing, do you really need quick release wheels? There are very handy, but make it exceptionally easy for thieves to take you wheels!
  • Use a locking version of seat post quick-release bolts.
  • Take out specific insurance to cover the cycle against theft, loss or damage. In addition you will be covered for any accidents you may have while cycling, particularly if you live in a city where dodging uncaring traffic is part of everyday life.

Please follow these rules and help prevent Cycle Theft in Manchester.