Cyclists Jumping Red Lights

What are your thoughts on cyclists jumping red lights?, here are mine.

Cycling is a passion of mine, I find it challenging, rewarding and a great way to relive stress and get out in to the fresh air.  I look forward to my daily commute in to Manchester city centre, clearing out the cobwebs and waking me up for a day sat at my desk for a day in the world of digital media.  As an easy going person there are few things that annoy me and when it comes to cycling annoyances are the last thing I want.

But there certain things that other road users do that do annoy me and one of these is cyclist jumping red lights.  It winds me up to witness cyclists who think it is totally acceptable to cruise through a red light at speed sometimes dodging cars and pedestrians as if its a natural thing to do on the road.

Cyclists Jumping Red Lights

Cyclists Jumping Red Lights really annoys me

I am a firm believer that when it comes to road safety everyone should play a part in making them a better place to be and this includes cyclists.  I am sick of hearing about the rivalry between car drivers and cyclists and who should and should not be using the roads.  In truth everyone has a right to use the highway and everyone should stick to the rules.

Cyclists (including me) are the first to complain and get annoyed when a car drives to close, cuts you up or pulls out in front of you but this work both ways.  How do you think other road users and pedestrians feel when they are nearly taken out by cyclists jumping red lights.

On my daily commute I have been observing the behaviour of cyclists and I have to say I am shocked at the number of cyclist that show no regard for road safety and ignore all stop signals as if they do not exist.  I see it time and time again by the same cyclists morning and night which does frustrate me.  I have seen a number of near misses which are all caused by cyclists thug giving us a bad name on the city streets.

I ask the cycling world and those who jump red lights on a  regular basis to think about the consequences of an accident when jumping a red light.  Being knocked off your bike or knocking over a pedestrian and causing injury to you and and another person is not a nice thought.  The cyclist will be 100% to blame and this is the dame cyclist who complains when other road users annoy he/she.

Cyclist that jump red lights come in all shapes and sizes, some are experienced cyclists with the best equipment and others are foolish people who do not wear a helmet yet seek danger and possible injury by jumping red lights in to oncoming traffic.  I have made a note of the extant of the problem and I witness cyclists jumping red lights on every commute which is shocking.

Police Tackling Cyclists Jumping Red Lights

One thing that has brought a smile to my face is the fact that Manchester Police have started to tackle cyclists that ignore the highway code.  On a number of evenings when returning home I have witnessed Police stopping cyclists heading down Oxford Road who jump red rights.  This has caused me much amusement when a cyclist makes a break through a crowded pedestrian crossing only to be stopped a few meters  later by the law.  I for one welcome that fact that GMP recognise the problem cyclists jumping red lights and are doing something about it.

I have asked other cyclists and friends and some have come up with some interesting arguments.  One person does not agree with me and thinks its perfectly acceptable to jump red lights.  His argument  is that if he waits for a green light and sets off with the traffic he puts himself in danger of being knocked off but I do no agree.

What ever your thoughts about cyclists jumping red lights Enjoy Cycling would like to hear your opinion, is it right or wrong to do so?