Dangers to Cyclists

As you cycle along one of the many signposted routes across the UK you come across many beautiful things. The UK countryside is awash with beautiful routes for you to exercise your iron horse but danger is never far away. As a regular rider around the Greater Manchester area I am very concerned about dangers that lurk around every corner that can ruin your ride and even put you in hospital.

Sustrans and local cycle groups have been busy creating cycle routes across Manchester including the Fallowfield Loop, Manchester Airport Orbital Cycleway and the Pennine trail. All of these routes offer excellent facilities for cyclists but if you are not careful they can bite.

Broken Glass

The cycle routes across Grater Manchester are awash with broken glass. Broken glass can cause a puncture and even an accident and serious injury which will ruin you’re cycling trip. If you encounter a patch of broken glass a puncture could be the least of your worries if you fall off and land in the glass!

Hoodies and young Scoundrels

Always be aware that you may be a target for Hoodies and young Scoundrels when out on your pride and joy. When cycling always be aware of who is around you and who you are approaching as incidents of bike theft and trouble are on the increase. Nothing more would spoil your outing if you were forced off your bike and it was taken away.

When out on your bike remember

  • Be vigilant
  • Be seen
  • Enjoy your bike