Manchester Critical Commute

If you work in Manchester city centre and you have ever thought about cycling to work? If so, then the Manchester Critical Commute could be for you!

The Manchester Critical Commute is an event for cyclists and takes place on the last Friday of each and every month.  Cyclists assemble in groups at a number of starting points located around the city and then cycle into the city centre, converging upon Manchester Town Hall. Once all the groups are in, those who have time before work go to grab a coffee.

The idea is to make cycling visible to drivers demonstrating that it is a viable way to get around. If you haven’t cycled for a while, it’s a chance to enjoy safety in numbers, learn from others who have more experience, and have some fun.

Manchester Critical Commute

Rides commence from the starting points below:

Stretford Arndale
Meet outside McDonalds at 8:00am. If it is more convenient you can join the ride on route anywhere along the A56 (after 8:10am approx.).

Chorlton Library
Meet outside Chorlton Library (8.05am) or join the ride anywhere on Upper Chorlton Road (after approx. 8.10am).

Meet outside Withington Library at 8:00am and then progressing along Wilmslow/Oxford Road, passing Fallowfield Sainsburys (approx. 8:10am) and then Whitworth Park (approx. 8:20am).

Meet by the train station at 8:00am, the route follows the Fallowfield Loop off-road route to Sainsbury’s in Fallowfield where it merges with the Withington group.

Meet outside Pizza Express on the Bury New Road where it meets Scholes Lane at 8:00am. The route runs straight down Bury New Road so you can join us en route.