Reasons to take up Cycling

There are hundreds of reasons why you should take up cycling, here a just a few.

Find that Sense of Freedom

Taking up cycling gives you a sense of freedom, being at one with the countryside which is something you will never achieve sitting in a car or van. On a cycle you can go almost anywhere such as canal tow paths, narrow lanes and through parks, all places where a vehicle can not reach.  Experience the sense of achievement as you climb a steep hill and enjoy the trip back down with the wind in your hair.  Go on give cycling a go!

Speed up your Journeys

When travelling across congested towns and cities a cycle can offer you the quickest method of transport beating cars and busses to your destination.  On a cycle you can cut corners and travel in a direct route to your destination saving you time and keeping you fit at the same time.

Saves You Money

The average cycle is only a fraction of the price of a car saving you money from the start.  If you combine the price of petrol, insurance and maintenance a cycle wins hands down.  Using a cycle instead of the bus or train will also save you money on fares helping you pocket and improving your health.

Improve Your Health

Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise and is an excellent way of losing weight and improving your fitness.  Cycling is good for the heart and can help reduce the chance of heart disease and help you live a longer more active life.

Relieve Stress

Working in an office or you have a stressful job cycling can be a powerful way to help control and reduce stress levels taking you mind off any problems.

The Environment

Unlike motor vehicles cycling creates no pollution helping reduce global warming and making our towns and countryside a cleaner more enjoyable place.

It’s Fun for All the Family

Cycling is simply great fun for all the family to enjoy.  Cycling is cheap and an ideal way to explore your local town or countryside while having fun along the way.