Specialized Allez 2012 Review

The highly successful Specialized Allez is again reborn for 2012 and for those awaiting its appearance in the shops it will be a long wait. The Specialized Allez 2012 will be hitting the high street and various online retailers in autumn 2011 ready for the start of 2012. The Specialized Allez 2012 takes allot from the hugely updates Specialized Allez 2011 model with only a couple of miner changes will make this bike a one to watch in 2012.

I expect the Specialized Allez 2012 to be an excellent road bike that will compete with every other manufacture around. The Specialized Allez has a loyal following and it is not hard to see why when you see one in the flesh and ride one for the first time.

The Specialized Allez 2012 is sure to eat up the miles and make the most mundane cycle rides enjoyable with its lightweight frame, smooth gear change and slick handling. Road bikes are a passion of mine which has only grown stronger since I purchased my first Specialized Allez, I am sure you will feel the same when you embark on your first ride.

Whatever your cycling ability the Specialized Allez 2012 is a bike for you so why don’t you get down to your local Specialized retailer and test ride one when they hit the shelves in late 2011.