Specialized Crossroads Tyre Review

This Specialized Crossroads Tyre review is has been created from over 2 years usage on my current treads.  I bought a set of Crossroads Tyres as an upgrade to my Specialised Rockhopper as my road miles were increasing and I needed a tyre that would suit road and trail.

There are many tyres on the market and I chose the Crossroads Tyre from Specialized.  After two years of daily/weekly usage I have to say I am not disappointed with the tyre although it does have its drawbacks.

Specialized Crossroads Tyre

Specialized Crossroads Tyre tread

The tyre is ideal for road and trail usage because of its design.  It has a nice piece of flat tread around the centre of the tyre combined with larger tread on the outside.  This combination makes the Specialized Crossroads Tyre a versatile cycle tyre.  If you are looking for a tyre that gives you of being able to tackle the daily commute on the tarmac but want to explore the trails of Manchester or wherever at the weekend then this is a good choice.

I have found that the tyre can tackle both terrains with ease, it offers less resistance on my road journeys making them enjoyable but at the same time offers enough grip off road.  I am not saying that you can head off to Kielder Forest for an offroad downhill as this is not the tyre for that.  This is a tyre built for city use offering the rider flexibility and choice.

The past 2 years use has given me enough knowledge to write an accurate review and although I like this tyre, I don’t love it!  It has had its drawbacks that are annoying.  What the tyre gains from being versatile and interchangeable with the terrain it lacks in some areas.

I have has more punctures using these tyres than any other, It may not be the tyre and something else may be to blame (see article Glass in Manchesters Cycle Lanes) but I cant help thinking that a little bit more investment on a tougher tyre may have prevented the punctures.

The tyre seem robust but it is prone to punctures and this is annoying because I like the tyre.  It costs in the region of £19 per tyre and this is good value but if I look at the hassle and inconvenience this tyre has caused me I think I should have invested in its bigger and better sibling with Armadillo protection.  This choice may have saved me allot of grief.

To conclude I do like the tyre and they still have allot of life left in them but I may look to a better upgrade when the time comes as I hate fixing punctures.

Specialized Crossroads Tyre Review

Good Points

  • Versatile – Tackles on and off-roadterrain with ease
  • Price – At around £20 each it offers good value for money
  • Specialized – They look good on my Rockhopper

Bad Points

  • Punctures – Lots of punctures

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