Specialized Hotwalk 2012 Review

The Specialized Hotwalk 2012 is girls and boys balance bike brought to you from Specialized. A balance bike is a great way for your children to learn the basics of balancing while riding a bike without stabilisers.

The Specialized Hotwalk 2012 Kids Bike has many features such as a colourful aluminium frame that includes foot platforms which allow children to ride without touching their feet down.

The Specialized Hotwalk 2012 kids balance bike is low enough for the youngest of children and light enough for toddlers to move around without assistance from an adult. The Hotwalk has aluminium riser handle bars that offer a comfortable and confident riding position, and alloy wheel rims and blade forks that help keep the weight of the cycle down.

The Specialized Hotwalk 2012 is an ideal cycle for kids ranging from 2 to 5 years old; it is an excellent starter bike and an ideal alternative to a cycle with st5abelisers.

The Specialized Hotwalk 2012 will help your child learn to ride a bike before moving on to more advanced cycles such as the Specialized Hotrock