Specialized P2 Review

This Specialized P2 Review looks at the P2 and to see if it can be recommended for customers to buy.

The Specialized P2 is a bombproof bike that is made for jumps and is sure to get your pulse racing when you tackle your local jump course.  The P2 has gone through a number of years of evolution and it has evolved in to something of an animal, with extremely well designed geometry and really powerful standard disk brakes, this bike will never let you down when tricking and jumping.  All in all the Specialized P2 offers an impressive and sturdy steed for all riders looking to do stunts, jumps and tricks.
Like most jump and trick bikes the  Specialized P2 is not designed for the every day commute or a leisurely ride with your family, this is a hardcore jump bike that is at home on catching air tacking dirt jumps.  With a compact frame and quality responsive suspension the Specialized P2 is an ideal choice for any stunt rider.

The Specialized P2 is a single speed cycle so there is no need to worry about gear changes when trying to hit that jump and land with ease, the strong standard alloy wheels also offer that reassurance that when you land you can trust this Specialized monster!

The Specialized P2 is aimed at a niche market of cyclists that know what they want and they can be rest assures that this Specialized P2 Review can recommend this bike no end and you will not be disappointed in your choice.  I have taken this Specialized machine for a blast while cycling around Manchester and I was not disappointed, it certainly meets the needs of any cyclist looking for a Jump Bike or Stunt Bike,  its sturdy build quality that you would expect from a quality make like Specialized.

Like any bike the Specialized P2 has its weak points like some of the stock parts may not last but over time when they wear out you will be able to replace them with new parts while scouring the local cycle shops in Manchester for upgrades or replacements.

Overall the findings of this Specialized P2 review are that it is a good buy!  Go out and try it.