Winter Cycling

As summer 2011 draws to a close and I look back at the miles I have pedalled across Manchester on some lovely summer days I look forward in fear at what lies ahead. During the long summer months the longer days and lighter nights are taken for granted until the month of September. The month of September brings shorter days, heavier traffic and the onset of autumn which mean only one thing, it’s time to prepare for winter cycling.

With days getting shorter and shorter daylight cycling hours reduce but this does not mean that all you cycling enthusiasts should get depressed. With the right preparation and a few pounds spent winter cycling will be just as enjoyable and safe as the summer months. Three things you should consider when preparing for cycling during the winter months are your equipment, your clothing and above all your safety. With these three things in mind you will be able to face winter cycling head on and enjoy the Great British Winter on two wheels.


It is important that your cycle is serviced and any worn parts are replaced as an equipment failure during the winter months will prove more costly than in the summer. The thought of standing by the road in a cold rain shower while returning from work will not appeal to everyone, so a cycle in full working order is a must. I recommend a visit to your local cycle shop to get your cycle serviced ready for the onset of winter cycling.

Winter Cycling Clothing

Cold days, wet days, snowy days and even windy days are something you have to consider when preparing for winter cycling. Your local cycling shop or one of the many cycling websites offer a full range of cycling clothing that will prepare you for the long winter months. Layers topped off with high visibility cycling jacket are very popular with commuters and leisure cyclists. Whatever you choose it is important that you purchase the correct winter cycling clothing that will prepare you for the worst winter’s day.

Tenn-Outdoors – Waterproof Windproof Cycle Cycling Gloves – Black – 3M Insulation & Gel Grip Palms

Winter Cycling Safety

Safety should be top of the list for anyone preparing for winter cycling. Ensuring you are seen is of upmost importance while cycling in the dark. Lights and high visibility clothing will ensure that you are visible to other road users and help in ensuring your safety at all times.

In summary Enjoy Cycling wish all you cyclists out there a safe and enjoyable winter but remember, winter cycling means be prepared for the worst, you never know when the weather will change, be safe, be seen and above all enjoy your cycling. Keep those wheels turning and role on Summer 2012!