Bellingham Blast 2011

The Bellingham Blast 2011 is a cycling event that is taking place in Bellingham in Northumberland on the 24 and 25th of September 2011.  The Bellingham blast aims to bring cyclists young and old together to enjoy the Northumberland countryside and promote the sport of cycling in the North Tyne Valley.

The Bellingham Blast event will be staged over two days making the Bellingham Blast aperfect end to a summer of cycling.  On Saturday 24th September the Bellingham Blast will take in a 61mile circuit of transfixing terrain for serious road bikers in the heart of Kielder Water & Forest Park and Northumberland National Park. The road type is mixed from tar surface through to logging forest roads (choice of bike and tyres will be a key factor). On Sunday 25th September the Bellingham Blast will take in a 22mile route for casual and family riders between Bellingham and Kielder Dam via Falstone village.

For more information and how to enter the Bellingham Blast take a look at the official website.

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