BillyOh 300 Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed Review

The BillyOh 300 Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed Review will look at all aspects of this product.  I have ordered the product via a Garden Shed website and I am awaiting delivery.  I am looking forward to assembling the stable for my aluminium horse making it safe and secure.

I have chosen the BillyOh 300 tongue and groove shed because of the size and the price.  At £124.20p this shed was considerably cheaper than the overlap sheds available at the local major DIY chain stores, you know the ones!  I have looked at sheds at all three and the thought of paying up to £300 for an overlap shed that is poorly put together scares me.  In my opinion the products offered by these stores are sub standard and not fit for use.  They are poorly made and have gaps in the side walls which seem standard in all overlap sheds.

The tongue and groove style of the BillyOh 300 seemed an obvious choice for my needs.  My needs are to store 2 adult sized bicycles in a place where they can be locked securely and kept out of the rain!  I have my reservations as I have bought a product that I have not seen in the flesh but at the price I am willing to take a risk!  Lets see what happens!

I get the shed delivered tomorrow and I will be erecting it over the weekend so stay tuned for the Enjoy Cycling  BillyOh 300 Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed Review.

First Impressions of the BillyOh 300 Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed

The shed arrived and was delivered in to my back garden.  My first thoughts are that there is not enough wood and pieces to build a bike shed.  On closer inspection and once I had removed the bindings to my amazement  the package opened out to produce an airfix kit full of shed pieces.  Hats off to the suppliers once opened out every part was accounted for and its nearly building time.

Poor Build Quality

Poor Build Quality

I have taken time to inspect the parts to ensure that none are broken and it has brought a few faults to my attention.  I did not expect the earth, it is one of the cheapest on the market but it is disappointing when simple things such as cracked wood and nails that have been hammered in the totally wrong place.  There is even double nails in some panels which have been used to rectify an earlier mistake and this has splintered the wood.  This is disappointing as it is human error and if the manufacturer had taken time to make the panels this may not happen.  Another niggle is the fact

Double Nail

that most of the parts are warped but this is expected from a wood shed and I hope will be rectified in the build process which I am about to start this weekend.

The first job is to erect the wall panels one by one and so far things are going well.  Once the walls are all in place it is time to add the front panel that will  complete the walls and make the frame for the doors.  This is proving tricky as none of the parts match up so I have a few gaps.  The instructions could be clearer and some of the screws are proving fiddly.  I will carry on with the build and see what happens.

After an hour of building this morning my thoughts are turning in to should I have spent a little bit more on a quality product?

After spending a weekend building the shed (on my own which I managed just) I now have a secure place to put my bikes.  The shed is not perfect and there are few issues with cracked wood and the odd nail that is in the wrong place but overall I have to say I am happy with my purchase.  I did my research when looking for the shed and the BillyOh 300 is far better than any of the cheaper bike sheds you can get from B&Q. Homebase and Wickes.

BillyOh 300 Pent Tongue and Groove Bike Shed Review Summary

I have had the shed over a month and I am pleased with my purchase. I have painted the shed to blend in with the fence and I have added a lock and an anchor point inside. The shed is solid and well made once it has been erected and the problems I noticed with the wood are only small when I consider how much it cost me. The shed will hold 2 bikes comfortably and three I think with a little bit of persuasion it suits me down to the ground.

We have has some very heavy rain and it is waterproof but one thing I will point out is that the felt for the roof is not the best quality but It does the job but.

Would I recommend this shed, YES I WOULD! If you are looking for a home for your iron horse to keep it out of harms way then this is the shed for you. You don’t have to be a carpenter to erect it and with patience and a little bit of help (don’t do what I did and do it yourself) you will be left with a good solid shed.

I will post some pics when I have time! If you like my review please share on social media 🙂

Good Points

  • Price £115 (Shed and Felt delivered to my back garden BARGAIN)
  • Solid stable for my iron horses
  • Looks good

Bad Points

  • Build quality of parts and panels is suspect at times

It offers excellent value for money!

Here are some photos of the finished product.

BillyOh Pent 300 Bike Shed