Cannondale Trail Review

When writing this Cannondale Trail Review words can not describe the ride this machine gives.  The Cannondale Trail is a range of quality mountain bikes that are sure to put a smile on the riders face.

This Cannondale Trail Review has found the Cannondale Trail to be a bike of excellent quality with a superb aluminium frame that is a pleasure to ride and forks to match.  The Cannondale Trail I reviews was the SL 5 model which is not top of the range but it still comes with manageable components and it it a great cycle to upgrade.


The gear system on the Cannondale Trail offers crisp gear changes as you would expect from a Shimano Deore system making short work of the trails and off road tracks you encounter.

In short the Cannondale Trail Review found that it is a decent entry level bike if you choose the SL5 model that is an ideal start to the sport of mountain biking.  It is upgradable and dependable and it will not let you down.  The only thing in my opinion that lets is down is that it is not a Specialized but each to their own as you will not be disappointed with the Cannondale Trail.

The Cannondale Trail is a bike that you must go out and test ride to make up your own mind and why not let us know your findings from your own Cannondale Trail Review. Contact Us

The Cannondale Trail to me is a quality bike that is a joy to ride and during my review I got allot of looks from other riders who stopped and stared at its beauty.