Invisible Jacket

What would it be like to own an Invisible Jacket. After wondering all of my life what it would be like to be invisible for a day and to my amazement I have found the answer.  Imagine being invisible, you can see everything that is going on yet they can not see you.  People pass you by in the street and look straight through you as if you do not exist, just imagine it.

With the invisible jacket this dream can become reality with one simple purchase, you can make sure you are totally invisible if you buy add on products to make sure people cant see you at all.  Enjoy Cycling have found the answer and I have been testing it day after day and it really works.

The answer to invisibility lies within the purchase of an Altura Night Vision Jacket and it has been proved time and time gain that it really does make you invisible.  It works mainly in South Manchester in between the hours of 8am and 9am and again at 5pm till 6pm.  It is especially effective while cycling down Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road and I have been amazed by the results and it really does work.

The Altura Night Vision Jacket is like no other, you could say that it is like a sheep in wolfs clothing.  It may look like a state of the art high visibility jacket but to the car drivers and bus drivers ofSouth Manchester it makes you invisible.

I have also found it to be even more effective when used in conjunction with some high powered cycle lights and the results have been outstanding.  The level of invisibility has been so good that I am even considering taking out some extra life insurance just in case it works to well and I end up squashed.

Check out the Invisible Jacket Testimonials.

Lady Driving Renault Clio In Fallowfield– The invisible jacket works so well, I was driving along and something caught my eye on my left hand side, I sped up and I thought nothing of it and drove on, as I turned left I heard a shout and to my amazement a cyclist appeared.  The jacket and light combination work so well I nearly took him out, I could have killed him.  Its amazing how he suddenly became visible when he shouted at me.

Pedestrian in Rusholme – This jacket is awesome, I never use pedestrian crossings they are for wimps and the other night when I stepped out in to the road I heard a noise and in front of my eyes this thing appeared from nowhere.  It’s as if it was invisible and it suddenly lit up when it shouted at me.  What I thought was really good was its level of invisibility, I was looking down the road and as it made I noise I was aware I had eye contact with a cyclist yet I didn’t see him, amazing.

43 Bus Driver – These jackets are a revelation, cyclists just seem to blend in to the road and its not until they should and swear at me that they become visible.  They go from invisible to visible in a split second and they really do work.  I have seen many riders use them with high powered lights and they are even more effective.

As you can see the invisibility jackets work very well especially in South Manchester.  Who would have thought that dressing yourself up in the brightest most visible cycle jacket available and combining it with some high powered lights would make you invisible.  Enjoy Cycling has testimonials to prove it really works.

If you want to risk your life during your morning or evening commute Enjoy Cycling recommend buying expensive high visibility kit and putting your life in the hands of ignorant and blind vehicle drivers to whom you do not exist on the road!

Stay safe cycle commuters ofManchester!  Let the iron horse rule!