Manchester Cycle Hub

Manchester Cycle Hubs will revolutionise commuting by bike in Manchester and the surrounding towns.

As an experienced commuter one of the problems I have faced is the lack of shower and changing facilities on offer in many workplaces in the city centre.  Many companies do not give a thought to those of us who brave all weathers and battle elements and the dangers that face us on a daily basis.  Reckless drivers, poor weather, thoughtless pedestrians and poorly maintained roads are a daily occurrence and to top this off arriving at work to poor facilities and often having to sit at my desk with damp clothes and a stench of sweat.  Work places with one or two showers for hundreds of workers add to the problems faced by me and other cycling commuters, having to go without a shower after a 10 mile commute is often the icing on the cake.  So what is the answer?

It is with excitement and joy I hear that cycle hubs are to built in the city centre and I cant help but think that this could be the answer to many problems facing the Lycra clad cyclists that brave the rush hour commute.  Imaging the thought of arriving damp and sweaty at a state of the art building complete with secure cycle parking for your pride and joy, away from thieves.  You park your bike and your greeted with a clean warm shower and changing room where you can change from your high visability clothing to your shirt and tie with ease.

The planned Manchester Cycle Hub aims to provide cycle commuters in Manchester a safe and secure place to change from cyclist to worker in a clean safe environment.  The cycle hubs will improve the working day for many cyclists and of course help clean up the Manchester environment if more and more people are encouraged to cycle to work.

The Manchester Cycle Hubs I believe will open to members who pay a monthly/yearly subscription and will take away the need for companies to provide changing and shower facilities for employees.  Here at Enjoy Cycling can not wait to try the facilities out and see if they can solve the problem of the lack of changing facilities offered by buildings and companies in the city centre.

The Manchester Cycle Hub is only in the planning stage but at lest its a start!