Poll Results – Is it acceptable for cyclists to jump red lights?

Enjoy Cycling Poll Results – Is it acceptable for cyclists to jump red lights?

This was the question that Enjoy Cycling have been asking its readers and here are the results which  do not come as any surprise.  We had over 30 votes and the conclusion was that over 85% of those who voted believe that it is not acceptable for cyclists to jump red lights.

As a regular cyclist I find it annoying and frustrating when I see cyclists showing no regard for anyone safety.  For some cyclists jumping red lights is the norm and they see nothing wrong with sending a pack of pedestrians diving for cover as the approach at speed.

I am a firm believer that every road user should stick to the rules of the road and stop at red lights which is safer for all.

I have read comments from cyclists about jumping red lights and this one made me laugh as it clearly states that jumping a red light is the sensible thing to do.  The comment was a response by a cyclist who was caught out by the police on Oxford Road in Manchester who were targeting cyclists.  I think that it is a ridiculous thing to say as since when was jumping a red light safe?

“I use the ‘pedestrian green’ to get off the junction before I get run over buses and other bigger vehicles this is why we all do it. Put some dedicated lights for cyclists to solve the problem and don’t penalise me for being sensible, I’m doing everyone a favour cycling my bike and this is not encouraging at all.  Now I have to attend some stupid training of theirs to avoid paying my fine”

Enjoy Cycling would like to hear your thoughts on jumping red lights, please comment below or get in contact with us and we will publish your thoughts.