Scott Spark SL 2012 Review

The Scott Spark SL 2012 review by Enjoy Cycling aims to bring you whats good and bad about this top end, full suspension mountain bike from Scott USA. First impression of the Scott Spark SL 2012 is what a machine, there is nothing you couldn’t throw at this quality full suspension cycle without it chewing it up and spitting it out!  Its awesome looks, its quality ride and thoroughbred pedigree make this bike a one to buy it you have the budget.  And budget could be a sticking point as the Scott Spark SL 2012 retails at a price of over £8000 which is more than a small car!

Scott Spark SL 2012

Scott Spark SL 2012


So what do you get for the price? The Scott Spark SL 2012 comes with a carbon frame and Scott have been quick to remind us that how stiff and strong this carbon full suspension frame is. During the making of the Spark SL Scott have used IMP5 moulding techniques to weld the frame together which has improved the strength considerably. The light weight makes this bike stand out from the rest and the Scott Spark SL 2012 will never hold you up as you may often forget it is there.

The Scott Spark SL 2012 comes with quality components making it a quality machine but the question I ask is that the price is a lot of money making it a cycle for only the serious downhill cyclist. In these hard times I can’t imagine there are a lot of cyclists out there that have a spare £8000 to purchase a cycle.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had the money and wanted a downhill cycle then this may be the one I choose but I don’t have the money so I am going to have to sit back and dream of the day that I can afford such a magnificent beast of a bike. A beast of a bike is what it is a hard wearing downhill suicide machine that will tackle any downhill track like you are on rails but it won’t take you to the shops, pick up the kids or take you away for a weekend like a small family hatchback would do.

The Enjoy Cycling verdict of The Scott Spark SL 2012 is that in a dream world I would have one tomorrow, in reality it’s a no go! Gutting to say but that’s life!  Its a quality machine at a very high price and some budgets will not stretch but if your serious about a full suspension bike and money is no object then it would be rude not to!

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The findings of this Scott Spark SL 2012 Review is that its a good machine.