Poll Results – Is it acceptable for cyclists to wear headphones while cycling?

We asked our readers if it Is it acceptable for cyclists to wear headphones while cycling?


No its Dangerous 86%

Yes its fine 14%

It looks like the majority of Enjoy Cycling’s readers agree with us that it is unacceptable and dangerous to where headphones while cycling.  So why do many cyclists insist on wearing headphones on the morning commute or when out on their bike for a leisurely ride.  And why is it so dangerous to wear them, Enjoy Cycling will explain.

Time and time again I see cyclists flying along without a care in the world, sometimes dodging traffic and generally in a world of their own and all because they have headphones in.  Like most people I like to listen to my Ipod but in my opinion, when it comes to safe cycling there is no place for headphones.

When cycling on busy roads it is very important that the rider is aware of what is going on around them in order to keep themselves and other road users safe.  Headphones take away the ability to hear what is going on around you and importantly what is coming up behind you.

On my busy commute in to Manchester city centre I have witnessed on a number of occasions cyclists involved in near misses when not paying attention and being distracted by music.  Taking away the ability to hear away from a cyclist is very dangerous to all road users and often there is only one outcome, a grazed vehicle and a badly injured cyclist.

What are your thoughts on wearing headphones while cycling, please contact us as Enjoy Cycling would like to hear them.