Using a Mobile Phone While Cycling

The reason behind Enjoy Cycling’s current poll about using a mobile phone while cycling came to me the other morning and I would like to hear your thoughts.  On my morning commute I witnessed something quite shocking which got me thinking about the subject of mobile phones and cycling.

Oxford Road in Manchester is said to be one of the busiest bus routes in Europe and this combined with cars, motorbikes, vans, cyclists etc etc make it a very busy and dangerous place to be.  I have learnt that it is very important to remain seen and in control when cycling up Oxford Road close to the city centre due to the  high volume of activity.

One morning last week I passed a young lady fully kitted out in quality cycling gear cycling along oxford road with a one hand on the handlebars and the other holding a mobile phone to her ear.  As I approached a busy junction I positioned myself against the kerb behind three buses and waited.  The for mentioned young lady with phone passed to her ear passe me and proceeded to squeeze up along the kerb to the front of the traffic.  (this alone has its dangers).  As the traffic started to move again I passed her as she was traveling slowly weaving side to side on that ll important phone call.

As I stopped at the next traffic lights and waited for the green light the cyclist who I have to say was in mid conversation proceeded to jump the red light and carry on her journey.  The speed she was going combined with her one handed cycling made her vulnerable as there is no way she could control the bike if danger came her way.

The cyclist then continued to chat on her phone and at one point mounted the kerb and proceeded to weave in and out of pedestrians on a very busy rush hour pavement.

After witnessing this I was both shocked and bemused at the fact this girl put her life and the safety  of other road users and pedestrians in danger for the sake of a mobile phone.  If I had stopped to ask her thoughts about what she was doing I am sure she would have also bemused.

What is wrong with cycling one handed down the busiest bus route in Europe, during morning rush hour, while talking on a mobile phone combined with jumping red lights, mounting the busy pavement and squeezing up the inside of buses?

Enjoy Cycling says its dangerous, stupidity and ignorant, I wonder what the cyclist stake is on it?


What are your thoughts on using a mobile phone while cycling?

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